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Snake Man hadn't started the day with the intention of angering Bass (but who did? Someone could sniff a flower and end up insulting him.) Regardless, this would probably be amusing. Did he plan on fighting him? Certainly not, that would be instant death. Bass was immensely powerful. He was also immensely stupid. That's why it was fun.

Bass was seeking him out right now, but there was no way he'd find him on his own so he'd actually have to go and find him. It should be too hard to find a noisy, rampaging robot.

Snake Man indeed had him located in minutes and minutes later he appeared in person. "Hello there my angry brother, figure out the device yet?"

Date: 2014-10-16 09:42 pm (UTC)
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Bass didn't seem too thrilled with Snake Man's insolence. This robot needed to learn his place, but that would be for another day. Right now he had more important matters to attend do, and this was locating and destroying Mega Man. He would prove he was the ultimate, and he would do it today.

"Tell me where he is!" He demanded, aiming his buster at Snake Man once again. He was relentless.


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