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 It had been a while, but Bass finally had his chance. After lurking in Dr. Wily's labs (admittedly, it was of his own will, but the idiot doctor irritated him most of the time) for a little while, he'd ventured out to search for Mega Man on his own, and finally the opportunity came up. What were the odds that Mega Man would, too, have a smart phone? Or in Bass' case, a too-smart-for-you phone. 

The robot made his way into the heart of the city.

"If Mega Man won't fight me willingly, I'll just have to force him." He said, his frown quickly turning into a maniacal grin. He'd just destroy the town until things got heated enough for the blue bomber to show up. He knew eventually he'd come, the robot had an extreme sense of justice after all. "If he doesn't have time for me, I'll just make time~"

He didn't take a moment longer to initiate his attack. He fired his buster at a nearby building, causing a loud explosion followed by the sound of destruction. The building started to quickly come apart in some areas, rubble crashing down into the streets. People were already screaming, and Bass was feeding off the sound.

"That's what it means to be the ultimate robot!" He laughed out loud:


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Snake Man hadn't started the day with the intention of angering Bass (but who did? Someone could sniff a flower and end up insulting him.) Regardless, this would probably be amusing. Did he plan on fighting him? Certainly not, that would be instant death. Bass was immensely powerful. He was also immensely stupid. That's why it was fun.

Bass was seeking him out right now, but there was no way he'd find him on his own so he'd actually have to go and find him. It should be too hard to find a noisy, rampaging robot.

Snake Man indeed had him located in minutes and minutes later he appeared in person. "Hello there my angry brother, figure out the device yet?"

Log posts!

Oct. 15th, 2014 01:01 pm
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 How does this work, exactly? Well, it's easy. A "log post" is simply a post in the form of paragraph roleplay. You plan your plot out with your partner beforehand (or let it run as you want!) and then post a [LOG] with the characters included afterwards. An example would be [LOG] Bass & Mega Man and this will show that these characters are the ones performing the roleplaying. ;)

Logs will be posted directly to the community in order to make it more organized and less confusing. Just go to the community's page and hit 'post' and it should allow you to post directly to the community. This makes it so everyone can see your log and read it if they wish! However, when you're posting, to the right of your icon it should say "Post as:, Post to:, Date: and Icon:" check "Post to:" and make sure it says "megamanremix" on it before you post your log.


Other helpful things about the roleplay and how the characters use their blog are these: You have the options of [Text post], [Voice post] and [Video post]. Each are exactly as they're described. Your character will either post themselves actually typing directly to their blog, a post with just their voice on the blog, or a post with video and voice. The subject will inform other roleplayers what the format was.

Characters can then reply in whatever form they'd like as well. Each character was equipped with their own special phone that allows them to post to their blogs and do such. REMINDER- posting to their blogs are NOT direct contact. This is like you or me posting behind a screen. Only the logs are direct contact between characters.

I think that's the gist of it! Hope this makes sense.


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